Just a few of our very satisfied customers reviews:


I was not sure if Icon could get rid of all the tree scratches off my Jeep from offroading, but I was completely blown away by the results. My 10yr old rig looks new! Thanks guys!!


I am very satisfied with the results and performance of the coating and would recommend it to anyone who I mentioned it to.  My Nissan still looks like the day it rolled off the assembly line and I’m sure anyone who had Icon Rocklear applied to their vehicle wouldn’t be disappointed. Everything was handled very professionally as well.

Icon Testimonial   Icon Testimonial

Did an amazing job of color chip correction and the shine is wonderful

Laurie E.

Indeniably the best corrective coating for your automotive paint and also the thickest permanent paint protection coating out there..

Icon Testimonial Mini Cooper

Igy C.

Made an old PT Cruiser look like new, where there were scratches it now looks like glass and at a fraction of the cost of polishing!

Steven C.

My 1956 Buick looks like it was just painted and it was originally painted in 1985!!! Highly recommended! Can't wait until car show season to show this off.

Icon Used Protection Icon Used Protection

Barry S.

We sent over a 2003 corvette and it came out perfect. Looks like new again!

Adam M.