Dealership & Wholesaler Partnerships

The Rocksolid Partnership Program

If you’re a dealership or wholesale auto/marine operation, Icon Rocklear can offer unbelievable value for both new and pre-owned units under our Rocksolid Partnership Program.

We want to build partnerships and showcase just how much of a difference Icon Rocklear makes. Icon Rocklear provides up to 4 mils of protection to new units and this proactive approach ensures years of necessary finish protection. Icon Rocklear will correct most factory imperfections, plus the new unit will have a lustrous and deeper appearance for several years past factory expectations. It offers scratch, scuff, and chip resistance, 20 times UV protection, dirt, grime, tar and road paint resistance, bird dropping stain resistance, corrosion and environmental hazard resistance, and additional headlight cover protection.

In addition to world leading finish protection, Icon Rocklear brings unmatched auto and marine finish correction to the table. Icon Rocklear corrects major paint finish blemishes on pre-owned auto and marine units caused by a number of natural and other occurrences such as fuel spillage, gravel rash, tree sap, and many others. Icon Rocklear is also an environmentally responsible alternative to refinishing autos and gel coated watercraft. Please contact your representative for further details.

Benefits of the Icon Rocklear’s Rocksolid Program include:

  • Lifetime guarantee is available for peace of mind, both for clients and dealerships alike
  • Customer retention and satisfaction
  • A valuable feature is added to the purchased unit
  • Excellent source of revenue
  • Tailored to your specific requirements
  • Backed by a 5-year underwritten guarantee meaning no risk to the dealership
  • Ensures customers move from pre-inspection to purchasing
  • Ensures quicker turnovers
  • Elevate stock and sales lot appearance
  • Eliminate strain on recon department

The Rocksolid Program is specifically designed to be an excellent source of revenue to dealerships and independent applicator partnerships. If you’re interested in partnering with, or becoming the licensed application center in your area.

Fill in our simple contact form and we’ll have our representative contact you promptly and fill you in on more product and business details.

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Independent Licensed Applicator business opportunity

Interested in partnering with or becoming an Icon Rocklear Licensed Application Technician and offering Icon Rocklear to your customers?

Fill in our simple contact form and we’ll have our representative contact you promptly and fill you in on more product and business details.

We provide you complete specialized Icon training and our world class Icon Rocklear product to become a successful Licensed Rocklear Application Licensee.

Learn about our 2-3 day Rocklear Training and our Licensee program:

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